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Company Idea 


improve the quality of health and life in people


Provide accessible medical products and health management service to public

essential values:

To help customers, to provide profitable products and services with customers, which is the direction of our work and the scale of the value evaluation.

exoteric, enterprising, continuous innovation based on customer needs, innovation as the fundamental development, and firmly resist technology theory, the only inspection method will be market.

Team cooperation, we call for heros, but never blindly rely on or worship heroism.

Hard work, sustained develop, to work together to build platform which can self-realization and public profit;

Customers first, employees second, shareholders third; contribution as the principle of distribution.

About LehuMed 

Le Hu Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is a enterprises which have independent intellectual property rights, own brand, R & D, production, sales and services, specializes in home health management products and services, the manufacture and trade of medical medical equipment, develop and invest in high-tech.

Le Hu Life Technology Co., Ltd. will focus on two major categories of medical information technology: 1 home wireless remote health monitoring platform which based on data acquisition technology, mobile communications technology. Le Hu will provide fingertips health management, cost-effective health care, quality primary health care services to public.

After several years of accumulation, Le Hu Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a strong R & D strength. Company is long-term commitment to the direction of research in biomedical engineering, mobile Internet, sensor networks, physiological signal processing.

To seize the opportunity for the development of digital health care information, the company will continue to deep plowing in the home health care, to provide the profitable technology medical products and services for the public.


In 2010, the Lehu Med is founded in Shenzhen, China;

In 2011, the Apollo FS series digital pulse oximeter developed;

In 2012, the digital mobile medical solution project. Started.


The company has built up a high-quality R & D team of clinical experts, physiological signal research experts, medical equipment, engineering and technical experts, the mobile Internet engineering and technical experts, medical consultant.

Quality Control 

Lehu has always given top priority to product quality.

Active listening to our customers needs to drive product quality to be improved;

Carefully constructed a total quality management system;

Continuous improving product quality;

Qualification and patents  

The company has a strict quality control system and strong R & D team .The R & D team in the basic physiological signal processing, in areas such as mobile Internet medical has a number of invention patents; The products have a number of utility model patents and design patents.